As a schoolboy, it was a honour and blessing to have pastors who would take me (and usually a few other church friends and family) out to watch the latest films in the cinemas! What I really loved, as much as the movies themselves, was the deep and conclusive discussions we would have afterwards. We’d chat while we were in the car heading back home, over a late supper or just while we were hanging around the shopping centre. Conversations usually starting off with “so what was your favourite part….?”

The power of connecting and redeeming such vivid audio/visual imagery towards Godly and Biblical concepts and values really taught me how to find Truth in so many areas of my life. It showed me that Christians aren’t meant to cast dismissive judgement on everything that didn’t seem 100% “Holy” (Ps. 75:7) but rather, to learn truths from any aspect of life. “Chew the hay and spit out the sticks.”

Little did I realise (as I now can take myself to the movies!) the desire to find & discuss truth after watching a film would still linger like a cloud over my head. And hence, the creation of this blog.

Its my hope and prayer that this site would spark discussions and thoughts in your own world (in family outings, youth groups, church gatherings, among friends) and be a catalyst towards bringing you closer to the Lord Jesus Himself (while having fun doing so 🙂 )

Happy watching!