It was a friendly, in the moment, invitation by my pastor that drew me out of the man-cave of my home (tinkering with my new drone!) and brought before this touching Christian film (yes, it made me tear up several times!)

Indivisible follows a husband and his family through his journey as an army Chaplin. Based on a true story, the elements of the film were well put together and though it was a little slow at the start (I’ll also admit I missed part of the start!) my love for the storyline (and military in film!) kept me engulfed in the moments even after we had a minor glitch three-quarters through the film (the screen just went blank for 2mins with audio running only!!! I’m still grateful for the exclusive pre-screening!)

A Pastors Support

My favourite part of the storyline (spoiler alert) was when Darren Turner returns home from his several month work on the field to find himself in serious conflict with his family. The film cleverly narrates how the other soldiers found hope and restoration in their lives while the very man that was the catalyst to their new found success was falling into the shambles he pulled his fellow soldiers out of! This beautiful dichotomy I find extremely reflective in our pastoral churches today! It was a few months ago where a pastor came up to our healing line at church asking for healing from the hurts his congregation (elsewhere) had been burdening over him. We so often hear (unfortunately) about the offence and restoration Christians must learn to give to their Christian leadership, but very seldom, if ever, reflect on where these God-given men and women go when they need support of their own!

Indivisible, outlines this beautifully in the second-half of the film and reminds us, as Christians, to also be a blessing to our leadership. They worry and pray over their congregations sometimes more than we ever realise and will probably ever see! Take your pastor out for a movie! Treat them to a meal! Ask them if they need anything. Buy them some groceries one day or even just do what they so kindly ask of us in ministry! We are sometimes so quick to please our managers and supervisors in the marketplace for money, we forget and almost despise the “managers” and “supervisors” who are their for us and on behalf of God!

1 Cor. 6:3 could probably be seen in different lights, but if we’re direct about it, realise that one day you will also be a spiritual leader! Treat others (or in this case your pastor) how you would like to be treated as well!

Blessings and go watch Indivisible when it comes out this Nov 2018!

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