Power Rangers

So… having grown up watching Power Rangers after school everyday… I had to watch this! And now that the cinema is so close to my new work place, the temptation was too great! 🙂 What did I think overall?

Fun for kids. Acceptable for those who grew up with the tv series. I don’t think I can whole heartedly recommend this as a “good film” in itself. Despite that! We begin the blog analysis!!

– Some scenes with Rita (anti-protagonist) seemed too gruesome or vile
– Mild suggestion of homosexuality during camp fire scene

Spoiler Alert

We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants… always!

I feel this is so true from the opening scene where we discover (especially for all the “hard core” Power Ranger followers out there) that Zordon and Rita were BOTH POWER RANGERS in times past!! (and Zordon even had a body!!). Besides the fact that the film explains how Zordon and Rita became enemies, we also learn why the Power Rangers listen and respect Zordon. They learn and appreciate the shoulders they stand on! This one lesson drives them to get hit around by “putties”, fight to “morph” through a good 70% of the film and even come to the point where they admit they would die for each other!

This is in stark contrast to Jason’s relationship with his father where they admit they would “never understand each other.” Its nice to see the turn around near the end of the film where Jason saves his father from possible death, but could all that family tension be saved if we just learned to appreciate the fact that we really always do stand on the sweat and hard work of so many people (including our parents). They fought to find a good partner for themselves (that in itself is hard enough!), fought to stay together at least long enough to have us, fought to find food and shelter for us until we were at least conscious enough to know what was going on, fought to deal with the endless questioning we had once we learnt how to wield our own consciousness … we get the picture…

“We stand on the shoulders of giants.” As youth it’s difficult to understand fully the experiences of our elders and those who came before us until we experience them ourselves. So I feel maturity is being able to “put yourself in others shoes” and see where people are coming from. Even when we disagree.

We should learn to be appreciative all the time. (1 Thess.5:18) Don’t take for granted the computer or phone you’re reading this blog on, for the free air the Lord gives, the people who have helped evolve the English language which you so freely read right now. So much time and effort has been poured out (usually out of free will and motivated passion) to bring us to where we are now. It is also easy to forget to be thankful of our own salvation! Which is why we always want to start all our church services in worship (in my opinion anyways). So that we get into the habit (at least once a week!) in thanking God for “all the things!”

The Greatness of Youth

The younger we are, the more mistakes we tend to make, but the less serious those mistakes tend to be. The older we get, the less mistakes we tend to make, but the more serious they tend to be. As much as our elders may shake their heads at our seemingly “lack of common sense” (note this point is in contrast to the previous) there is a sense of discovery and adventure into the unknown which builds new worlds when we look into the minds of youth. Some may say “He didn’t know it was impossible… so he did it!” This is where we look at Christ’s admiration in the “faith as a child” idea.

As cheesy or “cringy” some of the conclusions of the 5 power rangers were throughout the movie (hence part of my lower rating of the film!), they were still able to beat the impossible by believing in the impossible. Just like so many young inventors, business start ups and even the 12 disciples were (yep, Jesus also picked a bunch of pretty young men crazy enough to throw away their occupations to “…follow Me”) the vanity of youth brought them to places the world would normally would never go.

“Hey guys, there’s something down there!”
– Billy, Blue Ranger when discovering the entrance of Zordon’s “ship”.

A friend of mine from Facebook (Wilson Soo!) said “The pits in life make you stronger. It’s a catalyst for transforming yourself to someone better.” Sometimes if we never fall, we never learn and become stronger (try use that thought next time you have dinner with some friends 🙂  ).

I’m doing my best to upload more of these reviews. The new “Beauty & the Beast” film featuring Emma Watson is hot to be reviewed! Might have a surprise for that one so keep an eye out!

Any other thoughts about the film or about the blog? Let me know in the comment section below.


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