So I visited the cinemas thrice this week…. 😀   Besides the fact that it was the Christmas season, I also had to use up my Village Cinemas gift card from last year before the year was up (i know, i know… but I only realised I could use it for normal cinemas this month! I thought it was for premium Gold Class sessions only bc the card was GOLD!!).

I watched Star Wars: Rogue One, Moana and Sing…. and I must say Sing was the most enjoyable of the three (I’ve just stepped on many toes… apologies!).  I won’t intentionally attempt to justify this here (you can call me up and we can chat about it if you’re upset now).

Spit out the Sticks:
(yet another reason why I love this movie!)

Spoiler Alert!!

So we’re joined with our friend Mr. Moon, a kind hearted, determined koala whom has a failing theatre business in debt to the bank which he needs to revive! His passion for the arts and his honour toward his father’s hard work to help build the theatre for his son drives Moon throughout the film.

  1. Overcoming Fear – Worship Leading

My first “Oh, that’s deep!” moment was when Moon encourages a shy elephant, Meena, who’s afraid of large audiences even though she has a wonderful voice: “Don’t let fear stop you from doing the thing you love.” Ok, so it sounds a little cliche, but I love how the writers massaged this a little bit through the movie. There is a scene where Moon has lost everything (I even said aloud during the film “how can you recover from that?!”) and Moon sympathises with those in fear “You and me, we are both afraid for good reason. Because deep down we just don’t have what it takes.” I feel this connects to so much. selah

One of my most memorable times leading worship in my church was around the time a majority of our church band/worship team “moved on”. I was a guitarist at the time and had near zero experience singing any part of any song in front of my church. And I was quite happy with that. Playing my guitar at a volume where it was almost drowned out by every other instrument on stage was where I was quite comfortable. The way the band team members left put me “next in line” to head up the worship team. So I vividly recall one night (when leading worship for the first time) where I finished the first song and froze. My hands kept the guitar going, I gave one look to my pastor and then bowed my head on the mic stand as the church wondered what was happening ….

Moon’s words come to mind here “It doesn’t matter who’s out there.” Just worship! Its been several years since that time on stage seemingly by myself and while I’ll admit nervousness does come now and again, the focus is so much sharper. Things learnt over the years like “We worship an Audience of One!”, “Bring the congregation with you”, “Don’t leave people behind”, “Make sure you’re worshipping God yourself”, “When you sing ‘I Surrender All’ are you sounding like you’re surrendering?” really help me focus on the “point” or “the heart” of what I’m doing, rather than what other people may think of me. This! Is how I overcame my fear of being on stage (and another reason why I liked this movie!! Did I say that I liked this movie already?).

Machine gun points! (if you’re using this blog to generate discussions, consider these…)

2. Faith – have you ever felt like God wanted you to do something and it was so right, but when you see how your circumstances panned out you became discouraged? Do you think Mr. Moon felt the same when his theatre collapsed? How did he recover? How does having Christian friends (or good friends in general) that still believe in you, support your faith?

3. “Do what’s in your hand and not what’s in your heart” – If Mr. Moon stayed in his room sulking and never picked himself up to start the car wash business again, would he have heard how amazing Meena’s singing was? There are times where we have to use what we have in our hands, start the ball rolling, and then we will later see how it connects to what is in our hearts.

4. A punch at mainstream media – with all that’s happened during the US elections & President Trump (i’m sure there are some who are tired of hearing news about this….. I apologise) and “fake news” there was an interesting take here on how the news “translated” Mr. Moons story to the world. Can you always believe what you hear? How do you sift out the “sticks from the hay”?

OKAY! I’m done. I could write more so let me know your thoughts below. What you feel, what you think. 😀


One thought on “Sing!

  1. Thank you for this review. I am always looking for good movies to see, that do not have offensive themes in them. Personally I do find most of Hollywood offensive, so I have not seen many movies.


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